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Why this database? I've been studying Spanish for several years now, but looking for good example sentences in one place was always something that seemed impossible. Because I also have my own blog and several of my readers asked me to share my sentence deck I decided to make one big database filled with Spanish-English sentences to help everyone out there really learning Spanish.

These sentences are best used in combination with a Spaced Repetition System (read: What's an SRS?). This way YOU can learn Spanish words and grammar in a fun and relaxing way too.

How to use the sentence database

Using the sentence database is really easy, but you do have to think about these points:

  1. The database doesn't know how to handle indefinitives, so when looking for a verb or a noun that changes according to tense or gender, try searching for the different forms the word can have to get the most results.
  2. The browsing function (which you access by clicking the letters at the top) only looks for sentences that start with that letter, not for particular words that start with the letter.
  3. Sometimes an item contains additional information in the comments. To see this extra information you need to click the sentence in order to view the entire item. Long sentences are already broken down into chucks, so to see them entirely you need to view the item page as well.
  4. Also, if you click the Spanish sentence not only you'll see additional info if it's there, but these sentences are also shown in textboxes to make it easier to copy-paste them.

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